Do you want the wrap around exhaust for the 2010-2013 YZF's?

I posted a question on the Dubach Facebook page asking if they were going to make the new type exhaust system for these years. They said that because the radiator spigot needs to be modifided on the left side they would have to sell a kit with the modified radiator included (probably liability). They also said that they would possibly produce these only with enough requests to warrant production(make some money on tooling costs). So if you are interested in this, e-mail Dubach Racing so they can consider it.

Quick question, how do you change one of those headers?


Do you need to remove the fuel tank (i.e lift it up over the cylinder and remove the fuel tank to allow clearance)?

No, they have a slip joint in them so it comes apart in two pieces.

I would be curious just how much a difference this single mod would make. I suspect very little gain for the cost ( a radiator added to the already high complete exhausts) plus have to do something different with clutch cable routing. But on the other hand...curiosity seems to empty my wallet quite a bit!;)

I suspect you're right.  The only real thing the header would accomplish would be the improvement of weight distribution.

... the wrap around would only be a little more pipe for the exhaust to flow through... ,


Actually not.  The idea was to use the same length head pipe, but give it farther to go, so it won't reach so far back on the bike.  That brings the front of the muffler farther forward and lower, which is good for weight distribution, and allows a longer, potentially more effective silencer without it sticking out like a rear bumper.  If the header lengths are the same, and the same muffler used, there is NO effect on engine performance.  Handling, yes, a very little bit, but it adds up.  


Worth adding a radiator to the price of a pipe. Not for me, no.

I agree that there's no reason to switch at the price it would cost, but what you said is that the pipe is longer because of its routing, and while that's a popular misconception, it isn't the case.

I wouldn't

My 12' is ridiculously easy to work on!

An aftermarket can (MRD ;-) already saved weight and slightly moved it forward.

Plus illl never burn pants.

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