2004 200sx

Just picked up an 04 200sx. Always wanted to try one of these. Anyway, I haven't ridden it on the track yet, but riding around the house, I noticed it kinda like riding a 125 with some grunt, but once the bike hits the main jet, holy $hit, more likes 250. Anyway to smooth the power out? Also, gonna ride this bike on the trails, so I need a spark arrestor. Anyone know if an insert is available?

I have also just got 2005 and been playing about with powerband setting due to the hit of power and trying to get used to it after being 4t for years.  There are threads (very helpful) about Langston Setting, also vids on Youtube.

I just bought the same bake a week ago. I need to play with the jetting a little bit.

check my bit in the FAq about adjusting the PV

Thanks mike.

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