Generator Cover - Help!

Just wondering if anyone has ever had to replace the cover on the right side of the engine? The parts book refers to it as the Generator Cover.

I just wanted to know if you would go with the stock yamaha part ($90+) or aftermarket? If aftermarket, which brand and from who?



I replaced my generator cover two weeks ago with a yamaha part.

I looked at partsfish and the cover they listed at the 'generator cover' is the clutch cover!?!

The Clutch is on the right when you are sitting on the bike and the generator is on the left. The generator cover is the one with the removable plugs in it.

I would look at the fish and order by part number to be sure you get the right one.

I got mine from a local shop and they gave me the right part when I asked for a generator cover (the one on the left side)

Dave S

Yea, I was kind of confussed by the terminology myself. When I went to look up the item I was expecting to see clutch cover not generator cover. Did you ever look into getting an aftermarket cover? How much did you end up spending?

It was a hundred bucks and no, I didnt have time to look into an aftermarket cover. I was at the dunes and just happy to find one in stock that my buddy could pick up on his way to meet me.

Dave S

Be careful with aftermarket, some of the carbon fibre covers will not clear any weights you may have added!!!!

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