Rear wheel spinning while bike is running on stand... why? how?

I've noticed a few two stroke bikes on Youtube, that when the bike is running on the stand, the rear wheel spins slowly on its own. I got my cr125 out to see if it did the same and it didn't move when the bike was cold or warm, or when I revved it up a little. I'm just curious to know why some bikes do that and how. Does it have to do with the clutch or the transmission? SHOULD the bike do that? should it not? Just curious

When the neutral gear is free wheeling on the shaft in the transmission there can sometimes be a little drag caused by the viscosity of the oil between the parts. If you have a wheel that will spin easily then it will sometimes spin slowly when there is no resistance on it (i.e. it is off the ground). It all depends on how much drag you have in the system. Bikes with o-ring chains or tweaked brake rotors will tend to not spin due to having enough wheel drag to overcome the oil viscosity drag.

Wow, see i run an O-ring chain, AND a nice tweaked brake rotor. That would probably be the reason why my wheel doesn't spin:p thanks for the help

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