Suzuki DR650 potential problem.


Nothing new there. All of that has been discussed ad nauseum on the various DR650 forums.

Every mechanical device will fail at some point and on a complex machine there will be some components that routinely fail first. It simply not possible to design a complex machine where every component has precisely the same service life.

Suzuki has responsibly addressed most issues over the years. As consumers we would love to see recall/retrofit program for all this stuff but no manufacturer, least of all financially strapped Suzuki, could afford to do that for non safety related " defects".

Other manufacturers have their own "issues" too (i.e. BMW final drive failures). I think Suzuki has done a creditable job in this area.

All the issues you need to know about on in one place. The DR650 remains basically unchanged from 1996. Tons of them are out there and obviously a lot of information about them found that out already by accident. The aftermarket support for the 1996 and up DR 650's is very's unusual for a dual sport bike to have so much aftermarket stuff available for it. You really can make the DR650 into anything you like.



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