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XT200 Info

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Hi Guys, (& gals)

I recently took a chance and bought an '82 XT200.  The bike came with a cracked clutch side cover, and spare kick start parts, otherwise everything else is there.


Any information someone wants to share with me on re-assembling that side, gummed up carb, no battery (does it matter for the spark?),  or anything else, is gladly accepted and appreciated.





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does not need battery to run.


my brother went through 4 or 5 side covers on his.  he kept breaking them from the kick start hole until he found a solution.  as he had nuked a head on it when it got swamped once,  he put the head from a Yamaha 200cc 3 wheeler that had a decompressor.  after he started using the decompressor he never broke another side cover.  I do know the bottom end off of the xt225 was the same if it was a 5 speed one.

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