Which year wheels will fit?

Looking to get new wheels for my 2005 exc and see a few on Fleecebay but what years will fit mine.


The front wheel went to a larger axle in 2002. So 2002 to 2014 will fit.

The rear wheel went to a larger axle in 2013. The new rear wheel can take the older spacers and will fit the older axles just fine. I think the rear hub is the same back to 98 or so, but the sx has a 19" rim and the xc/mxc/exc/xcw have an 18" rim.

I hope that helps some. Good luck.

the front axle changed in 03, not 02

The SX bikes got the larger front axle in 2002.. I have no idea about the cross country bikes because I never buy them. They always seem to be a year or two behind the SX bikes when it comes to getting the upgrades.

Rear wheel is 1990 to current, the only exception being the spacers on the new SX models.

no, SX bikes got 48mm forks in 02, but they kept the small axle til 03, Ive owned the 02 SX and many other years of KTMs

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