Need plastic chain guide thingy

As I was parking my XR after lunch I noticed a black plastic thing hanging off of the side of the swingarm at the front.  That plastic piece that sits on top of the swingarm to keep the chain from eating into it has broken at the back and popped loose.  I might still be able to temporarily keep it in place a bit longer, but I was wondering if there are alternate choices for replacement parts besides the genuine Honda part.

It's far from worn out, it just broke at a weak point.

You can get an aftermarket one at MCSS ,,i believe MSR makes them for the late model XR600R,,same part.. or i`ve seen them on ebay,,,,,,they are made from a harder plastic and cause alot of noise when the chain slaps them.......i stay OE because of that,,and the aftermarket isn`t much of a savings..



I might still be able to temporarily keep it in place a bit longer...


It's far from worn out, it just broke at a weak point.

After going in for the temporary fix, it turns out that the plastic piece is, indeed, worn out.  I've ordered a genuine Honda replacement part for it.


So how long does one of these chain guides last?

Less than 14,000 miles in my case.

Depends alot on which sprocket set you use.......15/48 would last the longest,,chain is away from the slider more,,14/45 would move it closer.


That`s about the mileage i get on a chain slider,,but i run the chain pretty loose too..


Not cheap little puppies for what you get :banghead:



Not cheap little puppies for what you get :banghead:

Sixty bucks with tax.


Fortunately, I'm not going to have to change my lifestyle in order to buy something like that. :cool:

Just installed a new one on my ride. Same thing happened to me. Nasty pictures I took but havn't uploaded.


The front part got worn out first and the chain ate and bent some of the swing arm where the rubber covers sit on top of the bearings. I had to file it down to get the rubber bearing cover back on.


Anyways, ordered mine from bike bandit for $50.

I bought a new one and since I has strips of Teflon 1/4 thick I screw one to the top of it so that takes the wear. In time when it gets worn, I'll put another strip on . Till the original plastic gets brittle it should never wear.

Pics rider?

pics as requested. This one is on my XT .This was the first time I looked close at it since putting it on 750ish miles ago, I see the Teflon might be too soft, it's wearing rather fast, I'll probably switch to UHMW since I can get as much of that I want also. This Teflon is so nice and quiet though, I'll see just how long it goes till it gets down to the screws.oiww.jpg

I wish the xr600 mounted like that, must have changed to save material & weight?

Ya, I have an XR swingarm on my XL and it doesn't have as much meat to bolt to, I still have a strap of Teflon to put on it but until I need to take it off I can't get at it good enough to make it fit good. I do have a strip of UHMW on the original XL swingarm but that was loud, every bump I hit you could hear the chain slap hard plastic, that's why I grabbed a sheet of Teflon.

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