How many of you are keeping a spare injector? I've got a. 2013 450SX with around 18hrs. Injector already bad. Dealer acts like I should keep one in the trailer. I feel the $8,000 I paid should be suffecient. Anyone else?

I keep a spare. What happened to yours? It's rather rare to have an injector failure.

I would keep one in the trailer, sometimes they last forever, other times they have problems quite often. I definitely wouldn't call it rare.

I know a guy who has been through several on his various bikes in the past year.

I also know of a 11 with lots of hrs on it with no filter update running the stock one.

I was told there was a filter update. Only to find there isn't an update on the 13's. The dealer said just change the filter. Lol. So pulled the line apart and no filter. So got an injector ordered. Honestly don't know that's my problem yet. Pulls to almost mid range then quits pulling. More its reved more it falls on its face.

Sounds like an injector, if you ride it some more it will get worse until it will start and quit almost immediately. The filter is really small, they all came with them in the male side of the quick connect. Those little things get dirty really fast. 

If an injector cures your woes you may want to evaluate the fuel you are using.

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