2010 TE 250 fuel pump issues.

When I turn my key on, I can hear the fuel pump cycle. The bike starts and runs great. Then, anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour into a ride it will blubber and quit. At this point, I turn the key off and on again and I can hear the solenoid click but no fuel pump sound. All I've done is check connections and wait. After a while, the pump will cycle again and the bike starts fine. Is there a history of fuel pump issues with these bikes? Any other suggestions? There is a hare scramble this weekend and I don't want to break down half a lap in.

The pump has me;lted bits of plastic inside the pump, when the gas gets hot, the pump expands and quits turning.  You need a new pump.

Friend has '10 TXC250 and pump just quit.  This link is your solution.

Thats what I have in my 2010 txc250

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Thanks a lot guys! Going to try and fed ex a pump up here before the race.

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