Rmz- kxf parts

Hello, I understand that some rmz parts fit kxf. I'm currently having stator issues as some will know. I'm trying to fit out if an rmz250 2005 stator will fit a kx250f 2005 bike. Thanks.

The bikes were clones. Interesting though, I looked up the parts and while the part numbers are virtually identical (the RMZ part number starts with a K, the rest is the same) the Kawi part is more expensive.

I can't say yes with certainty, so someone else will have to confirm. Decided on a whole new stator, huh? Sounds like a good idea. Hope you are up and running soon.

Yes they are the same. Also as stated the Zook parts are cheaper, but if I remember correctly some of there stuff is discontinued while all Kawi stuff is still available.

Thanks josh. Therefore a 2005 rmz stator should fit a 2008 kxf? I've found a stator on eBay, its in used condition but I've had it for $99.00 including postage to the uk. I know I'm going down a cheaper route but I've given up on rewound stators.

Yes an 05 should fit an 08 last time I checked for you they all use the same updated part number.

Thanks dragon. It's a 2005 rmz stator, to fit kx250f 2008. Can you confirm this will fit? Thanks.

Yes. My only concern with eBay would be whether the eBay guy is accurate in the part description. My other concern would be why the stator you have looks physically damaged. Want to post a link to the ad so we can take a look?

Dragon these are the pics of the stator I'm buying.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

Looks good from here. Let us know when you get it bolted on. Don't forget thread lock, lol.

Thanks dragon, will do.

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