2010 crf250r mods

i have a 2010 crf250r i fell like i need more power. i was thinking about a 300 big bore kit or a stage 3 hot cams, high compression piston and cylinder head porting. so which one is the better way and btw can u do the hotcams, HC piston, and porting on a big bore kit   :ride:

Bigborethumpers.com would be your 1 stop shop. and we can do all the machine work like a port job. Known for some of the worlds fastest motorcycles. 

if your going to build somthing that big you need to go into the bottom and have the rod replaced with somthing better than stock .A 268 kit and the right cam and porting will put you near 45 hp with a good improvement from 6000 rpm to 8000 rpm close to 23 pound of torque.

I have a really strong powerered 2010


Complete C4MX cylinder head with ProCircuit camshaft and valvetrain, Yoshimura complete RS4 exhaust, Tassinari Air4orce, TUF racing TB insert, removed backfire screen, Sisneros remap ECM.


The result, really strong power thougt all the curve, a lot more bottom, mid, top with soo much overrev. The bike is amazing




But you can highly trust Ron Hamp, only hear good thing about is work too



Ron, like you said, my stock crank fail 15 hours after my cylinder head upgrade

What did you replace your crank with DarkCRF?

I realized it the day just before my vacation, so I didn't want to wait parts. The only one I was able to get in one day was the hotrod

Edited by DarkCRF

how many hours is on it now?

Something around 10 hours since the rebuild, the bike get 130 hours

Hot Rods is a good upgrade for a stock motor.

For anything over 40 hp I would only use a CP Carrillo rod.

The nice thing about the Carrillo is it is the same weight as the stock rod.

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