Riding protection

What's everybody wear as far as body armor? I have armor that covers most of my torso but I usually get a nasty dirt rash when I crash. I don't think long sleeves would protect me and its hot as hell here

long sleeves will go a long way in preventing dirt rash. Wear a jersey over your chest protector, that will keep it from sticking to your skin and you will get some airflow.

I wear it all....Leatt Adventure full upper body armor, knee braces, neck brace etc. I find that "smart " fabrics can help keep you cool. Pretty hot here in the summer as well and I wear a cool t under my body armor w/ vented jersey on top. Seems like ridin is gonna be pretty hot anyways........

Tekvest and paintball elbow pads... works well for me, vest would be a bit warm in the desert heat...

I saw a vest on e bay that looks like it was probably for street riding but it covers you from neck to waist shoulder to wrist it's a full body armor it was only $20 but it's being shipped out of Shanghai and there were no reviews I'm sure it would do the job I'm just worried about how hot it would be

I just wear a EVS Revolt, it is just an under jersey minimal roost guard.

At 44 year's old...I armor up like a plastic ninja turtle. I have summer & winter gear. About the only unplated parts, are my thighs. Since it all fits properly, my movements aren't restricted. It's really nice to be able to limp away from a bike destroying crash.

yeh im all decked out to, got a regular Thor Sentinel with hockey shoulder pads attached which cover the shoulder and biceb nicley, elbow pads, with a leatt adventure brace on top, i also have knee pads and padded under shorts. No its not that hot, no you cant get that in a store, may look a lil different but im am well protected.

I appreciate all the inputs. Keep them commin. If anyone knows of some inexpensive armor I would love go hear about it

i wear this under my jersey and gear sox.jpgpan.jpgProducts5273-65x100-212779.jpghelps for the dirt rash.

i wear this under my jersey and gear sox.jpgpan.jpgProducts5273-65x100-212779.jpghelps for the dirt rash.

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