Will a 08 CRF450R carb work on my 06 CRF450R?

I bought a used 06 CRF450R that the carburetor was taken apart and parts were lost. So now I have to buy carb to replace it. Can someone tell me what years will work. I have also found an 08 450 carb just not sure if that will work on my 06. So any help would be great thanks. 

All CRF450R carbs from all years will work.

2007 and later are better, with the updated apump linkage.

In fact, any Keihin FCR carb from virtually any 450 dirt bike from 2002 on will work just fine, as long as it says 'CR' on the top.

But, the Honda carbs are guaranteed to come with hot start, proper choke, and leak jet float bowl with the short rivet apump diaphragm....all things that you want.

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Great to know thanks so much.

plus the later models had the 41mm vs 06 40mm item

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