We have some big rollers at the local track.  6 rollers in total.  About half  the people take em like regular whoops and skip on top, the other half double them.  They are about 3 foot high and 6-8 foot apart.  I usually roll the first then double double single, what do you guys do with these types of things?  I think im slower for some reason

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There are lots and lots of variables. The section leading into the rollers, how much speed you can build before the section, max speed to can enter and still skim or be forced to jump. Going through the section can you maintain contact and generate speed going through it or are you exiting the section slower then you entered it. Just try different things, depending on different situations there is usually more then one way to hit a section.

I should have mentions that you come out of a corner and are in the rollers within 15 foot of the exit of the corner. I've tried both ways and to skim is very hard. Easier to double it but not sure if it slower or not. Thanks for the tip

Skimming is faster but doubling is a lot faster than rolling them,

Do not try to hammer / skim them unless you have the more basic techniques down....those being doubling and wheel tapping.  Why?  Think about what happens if you try to skim/hammer them...but can't....what is your plan B as you nose in?!


Learn to double them all the way through...with ease.


Learn to wheel tap them (by wheel tapping, I mean you launch off the first front wheel high...and absorb it a little so that you wont quite clear the 2nd...then you "tap" the 2nd ramp with the rear hard on the gas and then get enough drive to clear the 3rd....or at least get the nose over so you can absorb and nose down clean into the 4th to launch again)


Watch Tyler Bowers at the 2013 KC Arenacross this year....good example of wheel tapping very very well, and changing up techniques in the rollers.


Once you have each down...learn to double in..then wheel tap and single out....or learn to wheel tap in...then double then single out....  You can even wheel tap quad if you get a feel for carrying the front.


Once you have these skills are ready to hammer...because you will have a plan B if the nose drops.

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