Old Baja Designs flasher relay substitute?

Hi, I recently got hold of a street legal 93 xr600r after lurking on this forum for months.


Everything is ready to go for the safety except signal lights (which I have).  It turns out there is no flasher relay on the bike.  It has the old style BD dual sport kit and everything seems to be there and in good order except for the missing  flasher relay.  My friend is coming over tomorrow with his testing equipment and I am hoping I can just pick up a thermal flasher relay at a auto parts store?  Is this correct?  What exactly should i be looking for in a flasher relay with just bulbs, no LED?  Is it that simple to just go pick something up at the parts store?  This is what I've gathered from various threads but I can't seem to find a definite answer.


Can't wait to get this thing on the road!  I've just been able to rip up and down the back alley a few times.  lol





Dunno..Does the bike have a battery??..I put a 12 volt 2 prong electronic flasher on my bike (it has a battery) and it works fine..whether one would on yours I do not know..Got mine from an Autoparts store..Advantage of the electronic flasher is you can run any wattage bulb in any indi and the things will flash..That's not so with the old type or stock Honda flasher..all bulbs need to be the same wattage which turns into a hassle sometimes if you can't find the right watt bulb at the time.


Course you're in Canada so that brings more odditys into the equation such as how it's wired for indicators etc..

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Thanks, yes the bike has a battery and an aftermarket stator, not sure which kind. 


So a 12 volt 2 prong electronic flasher should work fine with both bulbs and LED then? 


It's got the first generation Baja Designs dual sport kit on it for wiring.

You said you don't have leds..neither do I..I couldn't tell you whether it'd work with leds..I run normal bulbs..


Don't have a Baja designs diagram,,strangely enough I just cleaned up my XR files and deleted a few of them this morning thinking I'll never need them again..


Bit like hoarding crap in your garage thinking I may need that sometime,,then you chuck it out and suddenly it's needed.. :banghead:

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LoL..yeah that's the one I deleted..I'll add it back to my wiring section..Looking at it I don't see why an electronic flasher won't work..Report back on the result..

Will do Horri.  Thanks again!

Hi Saiche


The older BD kits can also be wired up with our newer style flasher: http://www.bajadesigns.com/ProductDetail?ItemNumber=603008


Then you could use both LED and non LED signals. The old style was a small round cylinder shaped part behind the headlight.


Let me know if you have any questions



or just use the k&s ic relay comes with rubber mount to install in factory location works with what ever bulb you want

Just an update.  Picked up a generic 12v two prong electronic flasher relay from Canadian Tire that the guy said hasn't changed since the 50's and success! 


At least for the front blinkers.  The wiring for the rear set is dead so we're going to have rewire from the front tomorrow.  Just a bit of an inconvenience.  Almost there now. 


Thanks for all the help guys!  I'll get some pics up once I get it on the road. 

I use a flasher that I get from Napa.  It is in their Eclin line. EL-12.  Says it will work with one to 10 lights or some ridulous number like that.  I do know that it works with one LED light.  I discovered this when one of my front non LED lights burnt out.  Flashed the same speed as before, I just noticed the light not working.  Flashed the same speed as the other side with one LED and one convention al bulb.  Magic

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