List of oil seals for bottom end rebuild

I'm doing a full rebuild on my 05 CRF250R.  I think I have all the gaskets and O-Rings I need covered with Gasket Sheet Kit A (06113-KRN-710)& B (06115-KRN-A00).  Does anybody have a complete list of all the oil seals I'll need for the bottom end?


I'm pricing out OEM gaskets and seals for a cost comparison to the Pro-X complete gasket set @ ~$140



Skip all the guess work and go with Cometic Gaskets. 

Thanks for the recommendation.  Any reason for the preference?  


There's a couple kits that are similarly priced.  


Any experience with the K&S kit?

No experience with that company. But we sell a ton of Cometic gaskets and they are the leader in gaskets. I have a set on my 03 CRF 450 and not a leak anywhere. 

And you will have every gasket you need. 

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