2009 Honda CRF 450 cuts out after a 1 hour 30 min of a 2 hour hare scramble

I have a 2009 Honda CRF 450 bike. It has always started hard. I recently put in a fresh top end and new valves. Took it to the Honda dealer as it continued to cut out. They hooked it up to the machine, no problems noted. However, I asked them to "get it hot" and then put it back on the machine. I guess the stator was showing a low current. So of course, they put in a new stator. That night I took it out for a test ride, it started after 5 kicks which previously took up to my leg falling off (10-20 kicks). Ran awesome after a 1 hour ride through the woods ect. Took it to a hare scramble this weekend, 3 and a half hours away. Again, started great. I got off the line with 1 kick. Bike ran amazing for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Then it started to bogging out and basically falling on it's face. The more throttle I gave it, the less power it gave and would want to die if I didn't let off the throttle. I took it back to the Honda dealership/service department. They have no idea what it wrong. I called the HONDA CUSTOMER SERVICE and they stated they didn't have any "technician's" to help me and that the Honda Dealership/service department has contacts they can call to help them. Nobody seems to know what the heck is wrong with it. Everyone has their assumptions but I have put more money into the bike than it's worth. I just want it start, run and not cause me more DNF's.  Very FRUSTRATED and CONFUSED. Anyone have or had this problem because I welcome to any help/suggestions you have.


valves, is what first came to my mind... i know you said they are new... but still i think something is wrong up there

My valves have been checked twice and within specs by local dealer.

Fuel filter.

Fuel pump? Someone with a kx posted about the same problem not long ago...

I will check the fuel pump tomorrow when I go and check in on the progress if any...... thanks!!!

tank venting ??

Yes. It only does ur when it gets hot or racing hard. I don't overrev it really at all. It would be a great bike if the HS were an hour. LOL. We have a couple races early in the year and if ran awesome with the coldertemps!!

As mentioned before, i wouold looka at the fuel pump. Its just like a car, alot of times they work great first off when cool then fall off when they get warm. Only bad part is to get it to act up so that it can be checked.

could it be when I come into pit during the race my plastic nascar style gas can has heated up by the sun and is too hot and causing havic? Then I try to go and after a while it causes my fuel pump to go out? OR what if I put stable into it would that help? I have a buddy that bought an 09 right when they come out and he had the same thing happen. they put all new 2010 electronics on and it didn't help........ Maybe just cut my loses and ride my trusty ole 2stroke again!!!! smh

Usually fuel pump/filter, ignition coil is old and gets hot and fails, stator acting up and/or has debris on its pickup(s), also bad connection(s) and/or grounds.

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