Orv sticker fees going up next year


I was just reading that the fee will be going up from $16.25 to $36.25 next year.  There hasn't been an increase in the fee since 1996, but this seems like a steep increase all in one shot.  It will be interesting to see what actually happens with the extra revenue.  I hope that it really does go to the trails.

I'm not sure it's been passed into law yet and it's a two-tier fee. It's something like $26 for your basic ORV permit which allows you to do what the permit allows you to do, like access to Silver Lake, etc. and then, if you want to access official State of Michigan ORV trails you have to pay another $10 or so. If you never ride the state trail system, you don't have to pay the extra $10. 


I've been all for a fee increase ever since proposed, but I think $36 is too much.

Wow, that is a chunk...  Registering a bike for the traditional roads system isn't much more than that.


I think the current fee is a bargain, but an increase to more than double needs a bit of explanation.



Ya I agree that 16.25 does seem a lil cheap, but ya...where does the additional $20 go? Perhaps to knockin down some hip deep 250yd runs of whoops? lol. Jk, thats probably an exaggeration...but it feels that way sometimes!

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Won't stop me from riding.

Who cares its only money!! Go make more!!

It should be 26 for the trails , and 10 more to ride on the roads

I'm a trail rider not a roadrunner. So I should not have to pay 10 bucks more for that.

those  signs ,gates and  padlocks to close trails aren't free


Who do you think is going to pay for all that the Sierra club ?

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I don't ride on the 240p roads , do you ? A10 dollar hike is a lot , 26 but 36 to use the trails too! It should be 26 for trail (orv) and if you want to use the 240 p roads , 36. Like I said I'm a trail rider.

Am I missing the 240p reference?

240p roads are designated county roads that you can ride on at 25 mph , and your bike needs a head light , and a tail light. Then if you what to ride orv trails you have to pay 10 dollars more over the 26.

Sounds hard to enforce. I'm road legal anyhow but if the full price if ORV stays with ORV to maintain trails and such I'm fine.

We pay thousands of dollars for the machines to ride and countless dollars on gear every few years if not every year and people don't wanna see an increase in the orv sticker.

An increase is needed but I think that they should rise it a little every year , not all at once. And it's a kind of tricky , to make you buy a road sticker , and than a orv to ride the trails.

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