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odometer / speedometer not working 07 wr250f

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I just picked up an 07 wr250f and the speedomoter / odometer isn't working.  The background lights up green, but no #'s letters or hello messages - boo.  I was told by the previous owner that it stopped working when the battery "bounced around and the ground wire broke" on a ride.  The ground wire is attached and bike starts up and all, just no reading on the screen.


Sorry, I'm new to the odometers and such, but my guess is the quick connect/disconnect busted something inside the module itself.  Anyone take one of these apart?  Is there a fuse inside? Has anyone had this issue before? 


Thanks in advance.

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I adapted one to my '02 wr, and did not put a fuse in. I had an electrical short and it blew with same symptoms. Check your wiring diagram and see if it's fuse protected. If not, that's probably it. If so, it could be the fuse.

Otherwise, my son has one he would probably sell for a reasonable price (he just had his suspension done, so he might need the cash).


Also, you can't really take them apart and put them back together. They're glued together. If I could have fixed it, I might have put it together somehow, and it might have not too looked hokey because it's mostly hidden, but it probably wouldn't be very waterproof.



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