Welding atv axle

Hello so yeah friend has a broken axle on his blaster, he ask me to weld it i am thinking that's is it gonna hold but for how long, ill heat treat it for stress relieving but could maybe put a sleeve over it to help it not to fracture anyhow could use advices thanks

I'm far from an expert but I think it will be hard to get perfectly straight. I think in the long run it will be eaiser and safer to get a new one. The are fairly inexpensive for an after market and I bet he can get a good used one probably for half the price

If you can stick weld like an iron worker ill put money down that the axle would break before the weld. Same with tig welding. Don't bother with mig or flux core because it won't hold it's own weight.

If its an mx quad and you jump alot with it I don't recommend welding, all the heat will take the temper out of it and it will break again. If you're just trail riding I bet you'd be fine

Hey yeahs was thinking of stick welding it , I have a stick machine i am a certified welder so there is no trouble there ill think we will give it a go anyways its already broken till he finds a good one not too expensive

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