DRZ400e UFO Light | does it fit?

I'm getting my "new to me" 400e tagged so I can piss off my neighbors!   :D


Looking at the UFO "universal" tail light:




or the Edge 2:




Since my 400E subframe is missing the reinforcing pieces that the "S" subframe has, I'm thinking the Edge2 wont work.  Is this true?  Does the UFO fit better?  What do you "E" guys do for a good tail light?  I do like the fact that the UFO has a lower fender deflector below the light to deflect rocks/dirt, although it is certainly not as sexy as the Edge2...  I plan to ride this on dirt/street.


I've attached a picture of my "E" taken over the weekend on my first long ride on the bike after rebuilding/rejetting the Keihin FCR carb.  Damn this thing is fun and it runs awesome!!

photo (8).JPG

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I have the UFO light mounted on my E. I like it because the turn signals are integrated which eliminates the chance of them breaking off if I flop the bike down. The light was already installed when I bought the bike. I believe it's mounted using four screws through the fender. It's held up well with no issues.

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IMO the edge looks better, it's what I have. But I have an SM so I don't know about the mounting issues.

Can anyone recommend some front turn signals that will work well with the UFO rear signals??  I didnt whether or not a mix of LED/non-LED would be a problem for the turn signals?  Thanks.

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