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xr200r bolt hole? (right crank case) SOLVED

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Had the engine together today, but to my horror, I found a thrust washer stuck to the bottom of the case... Time to dis/assemble the engine again!


Anyways, I am going over the engine with a fine tooth comb now(more so than before). I noticed this threaded hole on the right side of the crank case. Does anything go here? My Clymer manual makes no mention of it.



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I think the answer is nothing...



No...that's already mounted further forward.

Near as I can tell from the pics I took while tearing it down, there was nothing that ran into that hole. This kind of makes sense as any bolt that would thread into there from the outside would interfere with the shifter spindle.

I know these cases have been used in a lot of different bikes, so maybe this boss is/was used with a different shifter configuration?

On the right case cover, directly in line with the boss is what appears to be another boss or shoulder of some sort that has been cast shut or disregarded at the factory:


I dunno. I'm just bored and waiting for parts.


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