New to 450... tips

I just came off my 125 onto a new 450. Riding wise, what tips can you give me?

I noticed that i would often stay in 3rd and let the rpms get real low and hammer the gas out. I didnt really wind the gears out way too much, never touched the rev limiter. Besides obvious stuff like using the clutch.

I also noticed coming into corners was harder, i think im just not really used to it yet. Only 1 ride.

Also the suspension still needs to get broken in more. Green bike btw

One major advantage of a four stroke is that it can rev out so much longer than a two stroke without falling on its face. Some people get lazy on a 450 and try to gear it for 3rd gear all the way around a track. I usually let 2nd rev out a little onstead of lugging it in 3rd. Im not on the limiter, but not far from it either.

Consistent throttle over jumps.  My first couple times out I didnt get the hang of having to keep the throttle constant over jumps to avoid nose dives.  Stay off the clutch when on the throttle too hard.  450's love to chew right through clutches fast.

Broke in or not, keep the RPMs in the mid range for corners, it will help you enter and exit them with control. Lay that bike into the corner, keep the power applied to the rear wheel and let 'er rip throgh the corners. 2nd or 3rd gear on a moto track is fine for stock gearing.

Have fun!

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