01 TTR125L Dies when throttle open or choke closed(with video)

Hello all! First post on the site.  Hope someone can help me get this baby running right I just want to ride again! 


Ok, so I have a 2001 TTR125L and it sat for quite a while until  recently I decided I wanted to ride again.  So I cleaned the carb, emptied out the old gas, put new gas in, new oil, new spark plug, new air filter.


Now I can get it to start up with the choke lever pulled and it will idle fine, but as soon as I twist the throttle in the slightest bit the engine just kind of goes quiet like its going to die but if i release the throttle then it will stay idleing.


Also if i push the choke back in, it will die. Please some one help!


Link to video demonstration:


Check to make sure the carb was put back together right. That's all I could could guess. :/ Sorry I couldn't be more of a help

Its alright at least you replied.  1 out of 75 views aint bad i guess. Thought people would be more helpful on here, I even included a video I mean...come on

No fuel.. You got varnish in the tank petcock or something. Check hoses. Re-clean carb. use compressed air to blow out all passages.


I bought an old 4 wheeler that sat for a while and had to use a punch to get the needle out of the seat! Ethanol SUCKS!

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I think your right about it being a fuel problem, but the petcock is clear as gas comes out of the hose that leads to carb and the carb fills up fine.  Just seems its not getting it from the carb...


yeah Ethanol sucks! always use pure gas

Just browsing through and saw your post.  It sounds like your pilot jets still clogged.  I picked up a 2007 yz250f and it was doing this.  I took out the jets one by one, sprayed them with carb cleaner then hit them with compressed air until I got to the pilot.  I couldn't see anything through that after the carb cleaner and air so I put it in an ultrasonic cleaner for 15 mins or so and it came out like new.  Bike runs great now!  Good luck!

Thanks Echo!  Im gonna try and get some new jets and see if thats the problem,

FIXED.  Was def a jetting problem.  Went up 1 size each to a 110 main and 17.5 pilot jet and now the bike runs great!

Yes, those pilots have the smallest openings, so they varnish or get plugged up quickest.  And then, when you think it is clean since you blew carb cleaner through it, it is not.  Well, it works sometimes, and then sometimes it does not.  Like somebody said previously, a sonic cleaner, or carb cleaner spray and compressed air, etc.  Of just buy a new jet since you got to tear into the carb bowl anyway....

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