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XT250 (80s) wiring -colour coding -stator

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hi everyone


have been having issues related to some snagged wires within the stator and previous owner rewiring bike in glorious green wire

have been cross plugging stator wires and have in my inexperience probably crossed the lighting coil into the CDI unit

...so i guess its fried

am looking at Hyperpack units from NZ for around 100 sovs

however at that £  i really dont want to fry it again so i could really do with the original colour of the wires from each component within the stator assy so when i receive the Hyperpack and instructions i will know where to start?

i have six wires out of the magneto 2 per coil (pick up, lighting and source)

i think i can separate the lighting coil out easily enough but that still leaves 4 or 5 wires that will be complete guesswork

if i had the original colour coding i can mark the wires accordingly..

what could possibly go wrong?

an help greatly appreciated


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