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Husky WR 125, OK for Light MX use?

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Hey Everyone, I have been in and out of MX for the past 3 years (due to heavy involvement in other sports) and consequently buying and selling bikes yearly to find that one good "only ride 4x a year" bike. I kind of feel like I don't ride enough to merit the risk of riding and owning a bike, but when i don't have one in my garage and just ears me apart to not have the opportunity to ride or even just tinker with a bike.


Over Winded Preface...Enjoy...

Over the past 3 years, I had a 10 RM-Z450 (bought it when I was a weekend warrior racing B class). I got heavily involved in hockey and golf and pretty much went to riding once a month. The following spring, rather than watching my new RM-Z450 depreciate and not get rode. I sold it and bought a 07 KX250, figuring it was cheap so it could sit around and not lose value while giving me a good bike to ride.  After a year of owning it, I wanted to get back into racing more, so I sold it and got an 09 KX450....I have always been more suited 450 rider, but without riding routinely it just beat the crap out of me every time I touched. This in turn made riding not too much fun and a little scary.  I have since sold it, and now am sitting here wishing i had some sort of bike so I could ride again :-(


I am back to wanting to own an inexpensive 125/144/150 that can sit all year and be fine the few  times that I want to go play on the track....In the past I have owned an RM125 a Husky CR125 (125 bikes I have owned) and a Husky 250f (So I do like weird exotics).


Currently I am looking at an 01+ Rm125, 06+ Husky 125, 07+ KTM125/144/150 or a KTM200SX and looking to spend between $1500-$2000.


I found a super clean 06 Husky WR125, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with a WR on the MX track...I don't plan to race, just hit a practice once every month or two and have fun riding....My main question is the power output/delivery of the WR vs other said 125's...I also figure that at the $1500 price point this bike should hold its value over the next year or two (even though it is an exotic).


Please let me know your opinion on this bike, Thanks!

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