Stator wattage and burned out headlight bulbs?

I have a 2004 WR450 that keeps burning out a 55/60 watt head light bulb in about 20 seconds. Could I put a 80/100 watt in and expect it to not burn out? How would I check if the PO put in a bigger wattage stator than the stock one?

Replace your broken Voltage Rectifier.

Where is that at? By the magneto? The wiring diagram shows the light coming off the magneto.

Voltage regulator/rectifier is mounted to left side of frame close to fork on the wr450...

The light does come off of the stator and runs on AC.  However, the voltage on that circuit is still subject to control by the regulator, and should not exceed 14 when tested by back probing with a DVOM across the yellow and black leads at the regulator.  Test it.


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