Buying a new 2002 XR 650, need help

I have an opportunity to buy a 2002 brand new. It will come from California so I need to know what I should make a priority first. Remove smog junk? Power up kit? New air filter? Pipe? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :) Baja Design offers some great advice based on how they set up theres...

Congrats on your new bike.

You might want to check out the archives here, and on the yahoo XR650 site. Another source would be

There are numerous articles on what to do to the bike, and how. It all depends on what you are after (I am gonna beat Cambell-even if i DO have to cheat Baja 1000 race bike? Mid life crises Dual Sport? I pee myself after 120mph Motard racer? I farm onions and so this is a Farm/Trail Bike on a very limited budget? I'm Rich-and Like my New Wife's bolt-ons- this Tricked Pig is my Trophy ((wanna see 26 pictures of it!?)), Got a Red Bike with Every Freakin Gadget Available, or (my favorite) I am an aerospace engineer-my bike has a flip seat with a stator run Sat Phone in it--The [@#$%&!] Brothers got Nuthin on Me- ...,---- and beyond what ya want outta it--what the laws in your state demand. Check out those sites, read up on stuff, and come on back with any specific questions....and again: :)

welcome-- :D

So, I see that I must be in there somewhere not the rich guy and I think everone would like the bolt on's with out the pian it causes the loved one that get's the present so, I get the pleasure.....Maybe I fit more then one I just turned Forty it could be a mid-life crises but, only daul sport enough to cross the road (the lights are not legal)...I love gadgets but, I just chainged my bike to Black everything with a red tank, grips and hand guards. I would love to have all my ability back enough to cheat in the Baja....I love over 100mph across the desert or anywhere else I can get away with it.....I only have three good pictures of the Oinker but, I am working on fixing that...where's the camara....I have made a few ruts across the lawn (I was out of control) and have two pigs and some rabbits, that's almost a farm, no onions.....No cell phone (wife wants one maybe a satalite phone) I don't think I could fit one in the seat. By the way which one fits you...Irondude?

I thought it was sort of funny-hope you did to. :D It was just a way to welcome a new member and point out that theres a lot of versatility/direction to the BRP. Definately not an attempt to say ALL BRPers fit a category. Hey-we are motorcyclists...! Glad you identified with several of the categories, -just like the rest of us :).

I was being fun here also, I think you missed it on the other post (i.e. I am a little bias) I wrote a langthly reply then decieded to let it go....I started out You Win. You must be fun to ride still didn't tell use which slot you fall into..... :)

I'd say I fall into the "Just Glad To Be Here" Catagory!

Happy Holidays to all. :)

I think you will love the xr 650. I just got mine about 3 weeks ago and finally got it uncorked. It makes a big difference. :)


Congratulations on your new 650. You can find anything you need to know by following Irondude's advice in the earlier post. :D As for classifying what I'm after with the 650. It's my I farm sheep, goats, and beef cattle so this is my farm/trail bike on a limited budget. :) I don't really care much about Campbell or the desert but I already beat him in a Ohio GNCC and I was on a XR4. He might be a desert god but he kinda sucks in slimy rocks, roots, and mud. I'm poor as dirt so all my bolt-ons are used and bought off eBay. I'm still proud of her though and have a few pics to show it. :D The best thing about the big XR is that with the right rider it can do anything the much COOLER bikes can and it can do it coast to coast. Welcome to the club. Now go uncork that beast and ride the wheels off it. :D

Oh yeah, I forgot. It's also my mid life crisis dual sport bike, and sometimes race bike. I told you this thing can do it all. :)

How do you consentrate with washing person laying on your bike? :)

It ain't easy, but it's just one of those things I have to deal with. :)

If you ever get tired of it...can I have it? The bike washer that is! Ah-Heh! :):D :D

Maybe we can work out a trade. :)

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