00 WR400 with cracked fuel tank

Hey everyone,

my 00 model wr 400 has developed a crack in the back of the fuel tank which looks like someone has had ago at fixing before (as i bought it back in november and havent had to lift it off i hadnt noticed). Anyway i was looking in to buying a clarke yz 400 98-02 one off ebay for AU $217.50 plus shipping and i was wondering if it will fit my bike. i realise ill need to get a yz seat but will my shrouds fit? and also what years of yz seats will fit?


Thank you

Yes it'll fit. I have that tank for my WR400 but don't use it cause it's so big. You'll need to use the WR shrouds, the YZ shrouds have the bottom front mounting holes pointing in the wrong direction. If you use the YZ shroud you'll have to zip tie the shrould to the radiator. Any seat pan up to 2002, YZ4XX or YZ250F.

Hey Spiritwalker2222,

Thanks for replying, to big? i was just going for the clark wr 400 oem tank which i thought held around the same amount of fuel as the factory wr 400 tank.  As ive never ran out of fuel because i live around a forest (bush) ive never ran out.

The Clarke tank I had was the 3.3 gallon size(12.5L). I switched to an 8L tank from a YZ250F cause I'm limited to the range of everyone else, and they all have 8 or 9 liter tanks.

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