2013 KX250f front sprocket

hi, first ever post...first ever time fitting new chain and sprockets. Ordered Talon front and rear sprockets and RHK x-ring chaing. Put rear sprocket on, went to do front, removed the circ clip...take stock off, went to put the talon front on but it just would not go. The spline on the shaft just wasn't compatible.


Anyone else foudn this? Did I just get sent the wrong model sprocket?


tks Mick

i have a talong front sprocket on my kawi and when i first ut it on it wouldnt go on fully because it was on backwards, try to flip it it should fit fine

ok...so I'm glad I didn;t ram it on...turns out I was sent the front sprocket for a 2T KX 250...not the 250F 4T.


all good...another one in the post.

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