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RM / RMX clutch friction plate differences

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I have got a query needing answered if possible guys. I'd appreciate your input if you can help.


Now I am aware there are several variations of clutch types fitted in the RM and RMX 250s from 89 to 96. The various parts sites are an excellent resource to look at the diagrams and cross reference part numbers, but I've drawn a blank on this issue.

Some clutches use 9 friction plates and other uses 8, and the baskets, inner hubs and covers vary sligthly in design too.

I've got 3 complete clutch assemblies in my spares pile. However 2 have worn baskets and plates. The third is in very good condition with no notching of the basket, and the plates are well in spec too. I'd like to use this setup.

It has 8 friction discs but one friction disc has a slightly larger inside diameter and there is a thin flat metal shim and a flat metal concave / convex spring which fit together inside the plate as they sit on the inner hub.

Does anyone know how this particular setup should be assembled? Does the odd friction plate fit into the basket first or last, and how are the metal shim and spring orientated? And whilst on the subject is there any reason this design differ from others?


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