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Any ideas for weight reduction on an old dr200?

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I know there's probably not much but it's quiet and good fun to lug around the backyard just wondering if anyone knows how I can cut down the weight a little?

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Replace the battery and e-start with a kick starter

Replace muffler with aftermarket

Replace solid-end handlebar with aluminum aftermarket

Replace rear fender with cheap, lightweight aftermarket

Replace tail light assembly with LED aftermarket

Replace head light assembly with a cheap, universal aftermarket

Replace the gas tank with a thin plastic aftermarket (from an MX bike)

Cut off passenger foot peg

Remove hand grab frame behind the seat

Remove turn signal if not required by your State

Remove kick stand and cut off its bracket


Less 30 pounds.


I'm pretty sure this can be done, because the predecessor to the DR200 is the SP. Both bikes look identical. Same frame and same engine. Only difference is accessories. The SP weighs 225 dry. The DR weighs 250 dry. So you can easily drop 25 pounds by removing accessories. I think the heaviest accessory is the battery and e-start.

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