Cooling System Service???

Do yo guys do anythign special with regards to the cooling system? I have been changing my coolant twice a year (engine ice). I also flush it out with windex before re-filling it. I have never had any cooling issues and would liek to keep it that way! Is there anything else I shoudl be doing?

Bike is a 97 so it is getting up there in years....

RC, you've got it covered. Biggest killer in a cooling system is electrolysis. This stuff is all over aluminum like a west texas dust storm. But changing it every 2 years eliminates this. You going twice a year, wont have any trouble. Try to use anti-freeze that has no silicates or borates. (Oh, Toyotas red antifreeze fits this bill :) ) silicates can create trouble on a water pump seal while borates can create corrosion also. I use a conditioner/extender. I know others use a "water wetter" which helps to transfer heat. Keep the mixture to about 50/50 and use distilled water.

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