02 rm 125 crank case CRACK!

I was riding my bike pretty hard the other day and when I went to down shift out of 5th after a long stretch the bike wouldn't down shift, so I rode it home in 5th. Ive got the right side crank exposed and as I was taking apart the shift mechanisms one of the "gear shift lifter" bolts was loose and the shaft which it came out of was cracked! now that makes sense as to why my bike wasn't shifting I believe. Changing it out is gonna be the hard part, im having a hard time finding the right case without paying 250-300$ which is really too much if you ask me ( and that includes both sides which I don't need).



does anyone have a right side crank from 01-03 ( I think maybe even later then that will work up to 05 but im not sure) that theyre are willing to part with for a reasonable price?



this really sucks as I have totally redone everything else and was just starting to get back into riding every 2 or 3 days...  any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ebay would be your best bet.  It's amazing the deals you can find there.

You have to replace the cases as a set. Is it possible to get the case welded? I would take it to a known good welder, and have him look at it. You may be surprised at what they can do

Yup you've got to get a matched set of cases, can't put a good right with your left or you'll have problems. 

On my 03 the shift mechanism broke. I took it to  welder who can weld aluminum he welded it and now its been working after 10 races already. Just call around or look on the internet for people who weld aluminum. The guy i got it from is in Stacy,MN you could mabye ship it up here to him. from what I have seen he does good work. he also works with a company my dad works for he welds there tools and other stuff they make. But just look around for  aluminum welder or ship it off. Its will save you alot ofmoney rather then buying 2 cases.

ok, I didn't know what the cases were made of but this spot looks like an impossible weld lol, im gonna post pics but yea thanks for the info, definitely gonna try and find some info on welding it but im not being optimistic...

does anyone know what years really are interchangeable with the cases?

the bolt hole on the left of the detent. shaft with threads was totally pulled off, if you click on the pic it gets bigger


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