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parts for 125sx powerplant...

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im interested to make some more power with my 125sx...

also adjusting the powerband...

i dont care for low rpm  

because i know that everythng that im going to do the bike is justt not gonna make power in the low rpm



 now i have all the power in the high rpm 

like a dragster or something



in the future

 i use the bike for trail riding and also for mx

(note that im riding for hobby nothing more)

im thinking to make some power in the mid rpm and also the high rpm


 the bike has  a 39carb with 167main jet (i dont remember the other jet)mixture is perfect!

and a ktm racing pipe and ktm racing silencer(kinda short) 

so the bike has come with some mods

im thinking to add some parts


pipe,silencer,reedvalve(boyesen or vforce3),change the squish...

theese are the mods that im willing to do

 for pipe im thinking a pro circuit platinum2 or a fmf gnarly(more dureble pipes from mine,dented a ton of times)

 for silencer or i keep the stock or im putting sommething longer(fmf or pc)

a new reedvalve(maybe vforce to mantain the high rpm power)

and new head something like


for better cooling and more compression

whats your opinion?

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