New Rampart Maps Get em while they're hot!


Hey Gang.


The new Rampart Maps have come in from the Printer and should be going out to our dealers soon (probably this weekend, RRMMC members will be taking them out to the dealers and places like Sprucewood and Jarre Mart)



You all will like the new maps.


Full Color/Color Coded by use (Motorcyle only/50 inchwide/open/road)

GPS legend along the border

Includes both Skeleton and Turtle Mtn (although both are listed as "turtle mtn")

Based on GPS, so the scale is correct


Includes Rainbow Falls trails

Printed on waterproof (but not tear proof) paper

Double sided, with a zoom in on the spagetti trails on the east side of Rampart Road


Still Cheap! They should go for around $6 (although the dealers set price)



Now the down side...they will have an expiration date since we're still building trail eventually you'll want to upgrade to version 2.0! :ride:

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There has been plenty of change in the last few years, so a new map is appreciated.

Picked mine up yesterday at Jarre Mart in Sedalia. Lady was saying they just came in that morning. :thumbsup:  :ride:

Where in Colorado Springs can I get one? Apex doesn't have them yet.

Can you have the map vendor/distributor contact Apex Sports in CSprings (800) 748-1799? They're trying to figure out how to get them.



I will have our map guy call them up! Thanks!


By the way...the paper for the maps is pretty thick and waterproof as in the ink won't run. But after getting 1/2 drowned on the street bike on Monday (map was in the tank bag) they won't hold up to being drenched.


So don't drop yours in the drink! :p

Got mine last week.  Great quality.  Can't wait to get a run at turtle.  

So anyone know where to get one in the springs? Apex is a no... How about RMCP?

+1 for these. These are great.


The problem is they dont work if you leave them on the kitchen table.


muy bein! 

I can attest to the fact that the ink on the new maps is waterproof.

Rampart Map.jpg

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