Fcr.... what needle?

Stock factory fcr.... 3x3, full yosh, stock e model cams. I'm at sea level. What needle and jetting should I be using? I'm at sea level.

Oh yeah coast enrichner removed, ground down the button on the accel pump diaphragm and wired the linkage together

45 pilot

160 main

EMN-3 needle


Sudco sent a emm needle... that ok?

EMM is 1 increment richer on the diameter affecting the off idle transition.  At 1 time the EMM was the recommended needle, then as time went on the EMN was preferred and has been the needle of choice ever since. Original needle is DXP.  The progression on the diameter is ......L, M, N, P, Q......... (no O).  So the question is do you go with 1 step richer or 2 steps richer.


If you ordered the wrong needle, use it. If SUDCO sent the wrong needle, send it back.

Sudco sent the wrong needle, receipt even shows oc-emn needle.

Im pretty pissed at these people right now. I ordered a emn needle and a 45 pilot last friday and asked to have it sent overnight. Over the weekend I lost my credit card so I reported it stolen. On tuesday late afternoon I get a call from the lady saying my card didnt go through. I called back and asked why it didnt get shipped out friday and the lady got an attitude with me and said she never said it would go out that day. And at this point it was after 4 on tuesday so it wouldnt be sent out till Wednesday. I was pretty pissed right there, I made it clear last week I needed these parts asap..... and if they didnt go out friday why didnt they go out monday?

So now today, I get my package a week later that I paid overnight shipping for and when I open it up there is the wrong needle in it and no pilot jet. Im moving this weekend farther from work and need to start riding this bike to work again and my carb is apart on my desk waiting for the correct parts.

So now I ask.... put the stock needle in or this one and change to a emn whenever I get around to it?

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Needles are easy to change.  Just take the top off.  You can use the stock needle with clip on -5 and install the EMN later. Murphy's law, the more you need it the longer it will take. Do you have a pilot jet you can use or buy 1 locally?

I see people recommending the EMM and EMN. I have the EMN and it seems to work nice. I'd trust Noble more then me.

I think I think I already have a 45 pilot. I had the bike jetted before. I was at work when I made this thread and k ew I already had a 160 main so I figure I'd just order the pilot to be safe. Sudco didn't charge me for the pilot as it wasn't on the bill, even tho I made it clear I wanted one and repeated the order at the end.

I'm going to call sudco next week and after moving this weekend if I have any free time I'm going to put the emm needle in. With the stock needle before off idle light accel was weak sauce so maybe a emm will help.

Fwiw: the bag is marked emn, so some put the wrong needle into the bag.

When reassembling should I lube the slide area? If so what should I lube it with?

No lube needed.  It will get lubed with fuel.

Cool, thanks.

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