New here - and thanks much!

Hello, my name is Rob, and I'm a bike-o-holic ;)


'03 DRZ400

'04 VTX 1800

'00 XT350 (for sale - it scratched the itch while I searched for a dizzy ;-)


Just joined the board a while back and have waited till now to post up because I've been up to me arse in reading a boatload of great drz400 shtuff! Am new to drz's as I just picked up an '03 *S* a couple weeks ago. Since then a day or so of dealing with minor *it's been sitting too much* details like leaking petcock, loose electrical, etc etc has ensued - nothing I didn't expect going into the deal - bought it from a 66 year old who wasn't getting out on it - bonus to me was only 3700kilometres on it  :) (2300 miles) 


It came with a set of near new deathwings as spares and had knobbies mounted. Have mounted the deathwings for commuting duties (relax and read further ;-) but have sourced another set of wheels with knobbies mounted so I can swap those on for fun weekends and still have the enduro tread for street use. Just have to do some more reading to find out which rear sprocket will match up with front so that I can get a bit lower gearing for off road tires, and decent street gearing on the enduro treads while being able to use the same chain - will swap chains as well if I need to but quick changes are the priority.


Anyway, the point of this point was not to ask questions but to intro myself and put a huge thanks out there to all of the people who have posted alllll of the threads that have kept me locked indoors reading for the past week LOL


Much much much excellent material here - glad I found the site and hope I can contribute a bit going down the trail  :)


Cheers folks,



Victoria BC


The day I picked her up - did a 9.5 hour roadtrip to get her :)



Welcome to the family, Rob. It's good to have a BC bud.

Welcome to the family, Rob. It's good to have a BC bud.


Hmmmmm, trying to figure out whether you mean a British Columbia *buddy* (your location reads Georgia) or the quintessential BC *bud*  LOL


Either way is good ;)

Welcome to the board Rob. 


It's great to have you.




Welcome! :)


For your commute/off road ratios I would suggest leaving  the 15 tooth front sprocket on. Then for the street tire rear wheel I suggest you use a 39 or 41. The 39 will give you better highway cruising speeds at lower rpms for long hauls. The 41 would be more all around town and highway. For the off road you could easily move to a 47 for some more off road lower end grunt and have semi decent road manners but you will top out rpms sooner on the freeway. Of course chains will be of different size. The stock S ratio is 15/44.


Have fun !!! :D

Welcome aboard,  nice looking bike m8. 

Hey rob! Good luck with the riding :)! Just do one thing for me! Get rid of that ugly backlight :D

Thanks fer the heads up on ratios! :)


As for the brake light - have removed stoopit metal plate mount and flush mounted it - trimming the excess fender is next - brake light will get replaced once it get smashed (likely won't take long ;-) - got way too many more important things to buy first like skid-plate, case guards, rad guards, wide pegs etc ;)


Thanks for the welcomes :)

Your welcome. :)

Hey Rob, if your'e looking for someone to ride a few trails with send me a message. Always looking for people ready to hit the bush! I live in Victoria BC as well.

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