2007 WR250F - Oil from drain tube

After coming back from a ride last weekend, I parked the bike in my garage. A couple of days later I see a puddle of oil under the bike which appears to be coming from one of those plastic drain tubes. The bike ran fine all weekend. Any idea why oil would be coming out of there?



I would be very surprised if there was oil coming from those. They are breather tubes (4 of them) and carb fuel overflow. No oil should be coming from them

Ok I'll have a closer look. It is dripping off of the end of the tube, but perhaps it's leaking from somewhere else and just following the tube down.  Thanks for the quick reply.

It's your crankcase breather hose, and when ridden hard, it will dribble out a small amount of oil residue. It's normal, unless it's excessive!

Hmmm. I didn't think I rode it any harder than usual and I've never noticed it leaking out of there before.  I will definitely keep an eye on it from now on. 


Thanks for the replies.

Good point, thought about it. Mine goes into the air box though, has nothing to do with the bottom breather hoses. But mine is an 06.

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