Lowering 2013 150 XC Options, Smaller Wheels?

I've explored a bunch of options for lowering my son's 2013 150 XC; x-bushing, lowering link, lower seat, suspension bushings, etc. One option I was wondering about was putting smaller wheels on it, from a 21/18 to 17/14.


Any thoughts on this option? I like the ability to just throw on the larger tires when he's ready as opposed to more intrusive mods like the x-bushing or the suspension bushings.


What do you think?


Thanks - Mike


How much do you want to drop it, try a link and chopping the seat. I wouldn't change wheels it would make it unstable and lose traction.

I'd like to drop it by 2"...not a fan of lowering links as the tire can bottom out through the fender.

id take it out of the fork and shock, not too hard,   smaller rear wheel will struggle for traction with the full size bike plus it'll put the sprocket and rotors closer to harms way

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Thanks for the advice, that's what I'll do.

Yup, lower the suspension.  It's the best way, I even did it to my 300.  And as an added benefit the lower CG that you get from lowering both ends will actually make the bike handle better.

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