Back on the road again

Well the 'L' is back to road mode as the YZ has taken over the primary dirt role. That nasty vibration from the bash plate is gone now that I took that off, fuel mileage back to normal as the fuel controller is set to 'road' stock settings. It is my putter around town bike. Till October when it goes into the dirt once more for the next 'endurance' race as that electric start is a 'must'. Took the YZ on the trails, heats up too quick, and hard on clutch.

It is still a fun ride, and Momma now wants to learn to ride as our friends all go to the track and the wives are riding as well, smaller bikes (150's and a 230) but Momma states she can handle the 'L' and she had puttered around the farm and is doing OK. The wives putter around the track perimeter road, and Momma needs the exercise. I did not say that, did I :)

The YZ is doing great, still doing the last full MX of the season on it, getting back into 'up front' shape. Am competitive now but relearning how to ride a light bike (208lbs), and still can not get the jump timing on the twin 'on-off' jumps.

If Momma does well and gets her license may get another 'L' for her, she also likes the sit up legs straight riding of an on/off over the low 250 Rebel she was looking at.

Hope your wife enjoys riding with the track wives around the flat track.  I like to see girls on bikes.  It reassures me somehow... :ride:


My goal is to get the L modded up so that I can ride it, but it will be a learner bike for my wife and 21 year old daughter.  I have my sites on a KTM 690R on the 2 year plan, unless the 305 big bore for the L satifies me for awhile longer.  Mayber Honday will come out with a CRF450L or CRF650L by 2016. I hope so....

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There is a 650 l out now and has been around a long time--tall strong bike too :ride: Just not a CRF is all :rant:

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There is a 650 l out now and has been around a long time--tall strong bike too :ride: Just not a CRF is all :rant:

I know, 93 to present, but I am looking for Honda to come out with a fuel injected updated 650L.  I personally don't know what the are waiting for. 

I'm thinking cause they sell all they can make of the CRF 250L and the XL650-- Its all bout money you know?? :jawdrop::devil::rant:


I am in awe.... I have given up on 2 strokes. Too many endos on the dirt. My back and balls hurt just thinking about it.

I would buy a Kawasaki 750 triple 2 stroke street bike if they ever made one again. The tires are soooo much better now.

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