2006 TTR 250 Carberator problems

Hi new to this site I am working on a friends TTR 250 that he let sit for about a year of course it was gummed up. I cleaned out every Jet and gave the carb a good cleaning. The bike would not start at first until primed it by squirting gas on the air cleaner the bike fired right up. I took it for a test drive and it ran ok for a few minutes and then stated to bog like in was running out of gas. I tried to start it but had to prime it again and it did the same thing after the next test ride. I unscrewed the drain on the bowl and there is gas there I am at a loss any ideas ?



Hi Jtwonames,


Check off the following items:

1) Is there consistent gas coming out of the fuel petcock? Disconnect the fuel line to the carb and check. If not, the tank filter or petcock is blocked.

2) Ensure the breather hoses on tank and carb are clear, otherwise a fuel draw vapor lock can happen.

3) The float in the float bowl may still be stuck - clean the float needle and make sure it all works smoothly througout the float range.  Also check the tang adjustment - maybe (but unlikely) bent up, preventing the float bowl from getting full.

4) Check the spark at the spark plug when the bike dies - no spark means a thermal issue (a coil or the CDI is failing after getting hot) or a wiring issue due to vibration (although unlikely).


One of these items is likely the cause.  I have ran across each of these items with both two and four stroke dirt bikes, as well as in-line four streetbikes :)

Good luck!




hi mate I have to agree with 2stroke check all of what he said, I had a similar issue with mine and I actually found out that the stator coil was no good its very rare that a cdi unit will pack up and its a expensive part to test or replace, you can check it yourself with a general multimeter hope this helps mate

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