1999 TE610 Parts Availiability

So I'm rocking back and forth on making a decision when the time comes that I have enough money. I have a 1999 TE610 with a 1998 TC610 motor in it, converted to a supermoto.


Last year 2 valves dropped and destroyed the motor. I wanted to get it repaired but as time passed and I didn't have any extra money I finally came to terms to just let it die and move on. Recently I have decided I want to pull apart the bottom end (gear frozen stopping my mechanic from getting that far w/o a special puller) myself and inspect for damage down there. If the bottom end is OK, I think I want to go through with the rebuild, and do it myself for experience.


Over the past year I have seen a few used heads on eBay here and there, but its rare to find them. I'm wondering if I should even pursue rebuilding this bike because I question how easy parts will be to find, because surely they are going to break at some point. Does anyone know what years TC/TE parts are compatible with 98/99? Might help expand my search options. Also do any of the TC/TE 410 motor parts interchange? Specificallly the cyl head?


And lastly, anyone got a head that will fit my bike? :D

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Also, does anyone know if any newer motors (preferably one with an oil PUMP) would fit into the 99 TE frame?

If you ask this at cafehusky.com in the 610/630 section youll get more responses

If you ask this at cafehusky.com in the 610/630 section youll get more responses



wrong BIKE, ( e-start motors drive on LEFT)



 YES the left kick engines are all basically the same, 350, 410, 610, 570 + 400 2000 on had oil pumps,



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