Side Panels / Frame Covers for DR650?

My buddy put saddle bags on his 07 DR650 and melted the crap out of the exhaust side because the bags pushed it right onto the exhaust. We called Suzuki and friggen 80 bucks for a new one. I tried looking on ebay, amazon, ADV forums but nothing. I'd like to save him some cash since he is new to the dirt and I don't want him to be jaded starting out. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.

Don't think you will find any aftermarket side plastic for the DR so either used or new OEM parts. Some places sell/order at a discount including the TT store, Bike Bandit and Rocky Mountain.


This is a known issue, one DR's plastic caught fire and the bike burned to the ground on the side of the freeway because of no support to keep the plastic away from the muffler.

Not cheap but a learning experience. If your rides are worth anything the joys of riding should easily outweigh the occasional expense.



I've had the same trouble with panniers. I have steel pannier racks which are supposed to keep my luggage from the exhaust, plastics but if you ride hard and crash as often as i do they end up flattened in no time. I had thought about making my own exhaust side plastics from thick (4mm?) aluminum sheet as a friend did this for his DRZ. He found in the event of a crash it would bend the aluminum guard onto the exhaust too but the aluminum wouldn't get hot enough to melt/catch fire and allowed him enough time to either remove the bags or bend back the aluminum guard before the mufflers heat had a chance to transfer through the guard.

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