WR450F Fuel Petcock Valve for 2006 YZ450F

I have a 2006 YZ450F, and I would like to get a reserve on my fuel tank.  Does anyone know if the WR450 petcock valve will bolt into my 2006 yZ tank?  I notice that the WR valve changed part numbers from 2006 to 2007 and my guess is that the 2007+ WR part number might be compatible.  Can anyone confirm this?



No one has done this?  I know I can get a larger tank for trail riding, but I ride both trails and MX and don't want the larger tank.  Just want to have some warning when I am getting low on fuel.



On my 2007 yz450f I have a petcock off a 2009 wr450f, so it will work I know that for a fact.

Thank you, that is very helpful.


That extra tank in an interesting idea.  Two questions.


1.  How much fuel does it hold.  I must be blind as I can't find anywhere in the link you posted a reference to fuel capacity, just overall dimensions.

2.  How quickly can you take it on and off?



They have a .8 and a 1.3 gallon tank, mounts where front number plate is, has siphon kit to pull fuel from aux tank first into main tank thru vent hose, or you can hard cap it and pull tank off and pour in, nice if you are sharing with other bikes. takes about 10mins maybe to install and remove if even that long.


Dimensions: 10"x9.5"x4.75"

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