TTR125 kickstarter turning electric starter/front wheel

I bought a non-running 05 TTR125LE to fix for my son.  Before buying the bike, I confirmed the electric starter works and turns the motor as it should- probably too easy since the engine needs rings at a minimum.  I confirmed the transmission shifts through the gears and the clutch holds and disenages as it should.  Unfortunately, I didn't turn the engine with the kickstarter since the electric starter works.  Now that I tried the kickstarter, I've found another problem with the bike.  When turning the engine with the kickstarter, it sounds and feels like the kickstarter is turning the electric starter motor.  Based on researching old posts, I think there is probably a problem with the one-way starter clutch behind the flywheel but I didn't find any posts with this exact same issue.  Anybody have this problem before?  Fortunately, I got the bike very cheap so I can part it out and get my money back if the fix cost looks like it will exceed the value of the finished product.


Also looking for front (19") wheel options.  Lots of posts on numerous different sites with conflicting info regarding use of KX100 or other 19" wheels on the stock TTR-L forks.  Changing or making new axle spacers is not a proble but would like more definitive info before I spend money on a new wheel.  The front wheel on my bike is only missing a few spokes but does have more warp than I think can be corrected.  I'll keep looking for a stock TTR wheel but also want to explore other options.



I pulled the magneto cover and found several small bits of metal which I assume are the remains of the starter one-way clutch. I'll get a puller today so I can get the flywheel off and get a closer look at what is damaged.

Based on the amount I have invested in the bike and overall condition, I'm considering removing the one-way clutch and idler gear and making the engine kickstart only. Has anybody removed the electric starter parts and made their bike kickstart only? I will probably still mount the electric starter just to plug the hole in the case but not commect it to the solenoid. I do realize I have an engine that is full of metallic bits but not sure I want to split the cases and replace all the bearings. Assuming the oil screen caught the big chunks, what are my chances that the engine will run for a while after flushing out the cases (as much as possible) and changing the oil a few times for the first few minutes of use?

I pulled the flywheel and starter clutch and the one-way clutch looks good and is functioning properly.  The bad news is that the case has two small pieces broken off.  One broken piece held the lower end of the cam chain slider and the other piece just went partway around the crank cam chain gear.  I'm not concerned about the piece that was around the cam chain gear but the piece that holds the cam chain slider may be a problem.  The front cam slider is held in place at the top so it may be ok hanging loose at the bottom.  I really don't have much choice if I want to salvage this engine.  Has anybody seen damage like this on another engine.  I have no idea what would cause this to happen.

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