front fender

hi im just wandering if a 2012 crf 450 front fender would fit my 1999 cr 125? and if so is there any modifications needed?

Yes, it will with a little modifying. You'll use the 2 rear holes in your new fender, and have to make 2 new ones in the front, behind the new fenders front. The cr's pattern is not as big as the 450's. About 20 minutes work, and it'll be on.

yeah i figured there would be some minor adjustments needed, thanks man 

im also thinking about fitting the 2012 front number board to my bike. have you any idea if that would fit and again if so, is there much work involved?

I have seen some people just use zip ties to secure it as the mounting points are different.

Just get a cycra stadium plate for a 2010 cr250. Mounts to the fork tubes and bar pad. I used the same. I Hv a few pics posted a few posts down in a topic I started.

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