2004 rmz 250 wont start after top end rebuild?

hey guys, recently my 2004 rmz 250 just shut off while riding still kick started and gears still good just could not get it started after it shut off.thats past week felt like kicker was easy to push down and it was smoking a little bit.


so I decided tear motor down and rebuild top end, I replaced piston, rings, gaskets and valve seals. put back together timing is perfect has tons of spark brand new air filter oil filter/oil. fresh gas.


my buddy checked the valve clearance for me and said intake were .010 and exhaust were .015


if anyone could give me suggestions on why it wont start? only thing i got were few back fires. im thinking the valves need to be shimmed? I reade that intake should be 0.10 - 0.15 and exhaust should be 0.17 - 0.22 (my exhaust valve clearance was 0.15 could that be the problem?) 


any replies with help would be appreciated thanks.

Id say ex is a little tight. Id loosen it and recheck timing. Did you reset the tensioner? If you have spark and fuel it should fire. Do you have spark at the right time? And is there compression? Double check and get back to me

Sounds like you dont have the right timing... I know you said that you have it right but double cheke too make sure!!!

thanks for the replys guys, but yeah im going to double check the timing again today and recheck valves I will let you know

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