Cams And Reliability

Im doing a complete rebuild on my 09 while i have my engine apart. Got into the engine last night and everything looked good but im going to replace the crank, piston, have the head rebuilt and I'm thinking about cams. Im going to use a hotrod crank, wiseco pro lite piston, and not quite sure which cams to use yet. I think ive heard here that a certain combo of cams works good with this bike.

I think it was

stage 1 intake hot cam and stage 2 exhaust or

stage 2 intake and stage 1 exhaust. 


Ive searched to find where i heard that but cant find it. How bad will either of these set ups effect life span of the motor? What about if i just go to stage 1 of each? And what are the seat of the pants feel of each set up?

Stage 2's will give you more top end, stage 1 more low end. 

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